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The sound you make when you laugh and snort at the same time, like when milk or Coke gets snotted out of your nose when you laugh.
Person A : tells a joke with an unexpected funny punch line.
Person B: Snorg
by June 12, 2015
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The name of the woman in the snorg tees ad on UD she is so hot you cannot touch her as you will instantly burst into flames. The only reason her clothes don't catch fire is that she soaks them in the tears of orphans before she wears them. She was cast out of heaven by God himself as her beauty was too great and no other heavenly being could compare. She now graces us mere mortals here on Earth with her unmatched beauty and irresistible charm. Her short brown hair and smooth complexion are a testament to true perfection. I love you Snorg! The world is a better place now your here.
Guy1- "Hey man here comes snorg!"

Guy2- "Don't look directly at her! She's too beautiful."

Guy1- "I can't see where I'm going, what did I just bump into? Oh shit! I'm on fire!"
by Squaids187 August 12, 2010
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(verb.) When you laugh and grunt at the same time with your mouth open whilst looking like a moron. Its the noise one's suppose to make when they read the funny, witty sayings that are on the Snorg Woman's tee shirts.
Jack: *snorging* "that snorg ladies shirts are funny dude"!

Phillip: "No they arent man. That snorg lady is presumptous to even think so".
by zarreff August 15, 2011
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When a grunting, snorting, or animal noise is made when making a twitching face when humping or in the action of mating. This can be penetration or can be humping objects
I snorged your girlfriend

Man, I gotta snorg soon!
by scrappy devv September 27, 2007
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To cum and shit at the same time.

To have the best time of your life.
Do you think snorging is overrated?

Can I snorg on your face?

I just walked in on your mom snorging.

Excuse me, Mrs. Thomas, may I use the restroom... to snorg?
by Snorgasborg February 02, 2010
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