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A facial expression combining a sneer and a smirk, appears sarcastic, condescending, and annoyed.
The snirk on his face made me feel small.
No one can seem to master the snirk, it's always either too sneer or too smirk.
by Jeremy Burrows December 01, 2005
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Snirk is also a combination of a snort and a smirk, used to show dry amusement
Amelia couldn't help a soft snirk when Frank began to expound apon his dancing prowes
by MelindaLou January 17, 2006
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A male form of pretentious posturing, where a half sneer half grin is accompanied by a slight nod up. Commonly used when two males driving their fast cars pass one another in opposite lanes, effectively boasting, “My car would kick your cars ass racing, if we ever did.”
A male driving a Evo and another in a Subaru WRX STi pass on a road; we won't actually race, we'll just snirk to boast how much faster my car is than yours.
by Drumz December 13, 2018
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