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Often confused, and mispronunciated as sniper by uneducated fools.
The person who calls himself "Snippa" is one very talented gamer, somewhat talented web designer, and not so talented programmer all around.
The person who calls himself "Snippa" may often be found stabbing people on in the channel #idlewhores
Snippa is a very odd creature, take caution when approaching.
Snippa is back! Everyone hide quick!!
by Michael Wilcox October 24, 2003
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A Swedish word invented to be an inoffensive way to refer to a vagina
by The pinguin February 08, 2017
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A man that waits for the most attracive woman to come along beofre he macks on to anyone.
Gaming slang for a sniper. Someone that uses a snippers rifle but does not camp.
"shit dog he's a real snippa fully waited till she came along to play his cards!"

"Far out that dudes a real snippa got me on the run with that rifle."
by Raph August 12, 2004
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