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Snelfs is a word often used in World of Warcraft to describe a Night Elf. Night Elves are very attractive, and very, very slutty. Snelfs literally stands for "Slutty Night Elf Strippers".

Blood Elves are equally as slutty but not as widely known.
Woah, that snelfs got some pretty skanky looking armor.

I heard that guy made a Snelfs, just so he could fap to it.
by Clodagh (Find Me in WoW) July 17, 2009
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Verb. To sniff something or someone for the purpose of detecting lingering odors. Variations: snelfing (noun)
"Did I just see you snelf that container?" "Yes, I couldn't tell whether it was clean or dirty."
by mlawrence December 13, 2015
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