N. When something is excellent or beautamous. Also, amazing, great, awesome, fantastic, or SUPER!
My goodness, Sherry, that outfit is quite snazzles.
by snazzygina August 18, 2006
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a very, very sexy male or female who is worthy of being noted as so. when an onlooker spots fresh snazzle meat, he or she must quickly call out, "Snazzle at (twelve) o'clock!"
"Snazzle at twelve o'clock!"

That boy was completely snazzle worthy.

also see: snazztastic noteworthy
by badlikeyourchildhoodoverbite January 01, 2010
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(adj.) describing an object that normally would not be cool, but is cool because it is owned by a cool person.
Sean's pink flamingo bag is kinda gay, but since he's so pimp it's supa snazzle!
by CelestialSun May 17, 2005
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a pubic hair, specifically when caught in one's throat after performing oral sex.
"No matter how much I cough I can't seem to shake this snazzle loose."
by Mister Tug May 03, 2008
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