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She is very very smart and talented. Love family and friends. Can be nice but also can be mean when people aggravate her. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone and everything. All boys love her and fall for her. She love her mom more then anything in the world.
Boy1: look at Samaya she’s looking fine today .
Friend 1: I love her so much.
by Queenmaya July 04, 2018
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an angelic amazing personality that most guys look for in a girl, the girl of any guy's dreams
" i want my special someone to be a perfect dime, maybe a mixture of samra and maya"

you mean you want a Samaya
by Maya Kazi June 13, 2011
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This girl would hve a awesome personally and a great heart. She has a great taste in friends and doesn't really like sports. She one of the quite ones but once u get to know her ohh my She will be loud. She would have a bsf named lucy and she wouldn't like someone unless its real. Overall The is a great person. (BTW she would make a really good gf!)
She Sameye she cool! Samaya=friendship
by Saymeye April 04, 2018
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