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When a woman is horny and becomes "wet" in anticipation of sexual intercourse, as she removes her underwear it gets caught in her vagina and has resistance coming down.
Sex with my girlfriend was so hot, you could tell she was ready for it when she had a "Snatch Catch".
by Pancake Power May 22, 2011
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1. A rape condom, like the ones being given out to women in parts of Africa, where rape is a problem. The condoms, which are inserted inside a woman's vagina before a rape, have barbed spikes on the inside, that will catch and tear up a man's penis as he attempts to insert it into the unwilling woman's vagina.

2. Also a friend or sibling who is keeping one from getting snatch (i.e. vagina,) because of their loserly or homosexual nature.
1. Dammit man! I went to Africa to rape some women, but the first bitch I came across had a snatch catch on her. Now I piss blood, and Im locked up in this smelly African Prison.

2. I saw some fine ass bitches, but I had my little snatch catch brother with me, so I didn't get any play.
by HungLo December 20, 2005
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Female equivalent of a cockblock. Someone or something that gets in the way of a woman getting laid.
This guy was checking me out, but my boyfriend was hanging all over me like a total snatch catch. There was no way I was getting laid.
by webBoi July 05, 2009
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