The number on snapchat that indicates the cumulative amount of snaps sent and received by an individual. Girls with higher snap scores are usually thots.
Guy 1: dude, I’m really into her
Guy 2: Check her snapscore

Guy 1: Why?
Guy 2: Just check

Guy 1: Shit
Snapscore is an abbreviation for Snapchat score which is the number on Snapchat that displays your send and received Snaps in a number. Snapchat score is also often used to refer to and it's snapchat score boosting services.
by Buy snapchat accounts November 6, 2020
If her snap-score is above 100k she a thot and belongs to the streets
Snapscore- the number next to the zodiac sign on a snap chat profile
Boy one-I like this girl
Boy two- what her snap score
Boy one- 100.338
Boy two- oh she a thot and belongs to the streets
by Sheathot281 July 24, 2020
when girl write down numbers and saves them it is usually referring to their crush’s snapscore on snapchat

they are tracking if they are snapping other girls and if they are on snapchat if they don’t have their location on
ughh his snapscore went up 5, he’s definitely ignoring me
by Rielle May 4, 2020
If he/she has a snapscore over 200k run as fast as u can.
Girl: Jakes snapscore is 543k he’s definitely talking to more than 1 girl.
Girl 2: u know what a high snapscore means... run
by Yeehawm0nstxr November 9, 2019
when a person has an addiction to snapchat. if your boyfriend/girlfriend has a 1 million snapscore, run.
Guy 1: Dude, my girlfriend has a 1 million snapscore

Guy2: I’m so sorry dude. Dump her
by wamto June 13, 2022