1. cheating on your boy/girlfriend.
2. doing something which you have no business doing
"that girl dur snakin aint she?"
by junt June 06, 2007
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When the sun comes out and suddenly, your friend who has been perfectly normal all winter, switches up and starts backstabbing you regularly and with relish. Wanes off around autumn.
How you do me like that? This is summer snakin’.
by TheChanniestStarInTheSky June 20, 2018
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When he brags about his penis size but really he has a small one.
"Brad said he had a large dong but turns out he was snakin' fakin'"
by Holly1994 April 01, 2017
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Worse than "Doggin the Boys".
The act of a person lying to his friends in order to get out of planned event to flirt with a girl because he is more thirsty than an Ethiopian who has not had water for 8 months.
Person A: "Hey, are you going to come with the boys for a drink later tonight?"

Snake: " Sorry mate, I am sick. I can't even get out of bed and my throat is dryer than a burnt coil. My phone is about to die and I lost my charger.

* Later that night*

*The Boys walk into a club and see the snake trying to flirt with a girl out of his league while on his phone*

Person A:"Quit Snakin the Boys!
by tuxtux March 14, 2017
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A harmless and unnassuming charachter illustrating qualities of quickness, deception, and all around sneakiness.
Has anyone seen Tony? Last I saw he was garden snakin' it all over the Hard Rock Hotel.
by Tony Goldstein July 29, 2009
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