Snakes refers to thieves, mooches, haters, etc. the grass symbolizes your immediate area in certain contexts or just the world in general.
"Snakes in the grass so Ina cut dis shit"
"Better stop flashing your money there be snakes in the grass"
by Southmetrojudge July 25, 2014
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A bunch of people laying in the grass can't be up to anything good.
Which of the snakes in the grass were king snakes and which ones were copperheads? You don't always know by the shape of their heads like the reptilians on the side of the road.
by Solid Mantis June 6, 2019
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a snake in the grass is a sly person whos always doing things behind peoples backs.
-slithery one.
-an eva cowzer: "im a snake in the grass"
by gemmeeg February 7, 2010
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Your girlfriend's "Guy Friend" who never chooses to talk about you with her, comment on pictures of you and her, and never ever makes an effort to meet you. The worst part is, your innocent girlfriend will always deny and defend him because he's seemingly so "nice and friendly" when you call his actions out.

He's the Punk Bitch who secretly loves your girlfriend and will strike at any weak moment in your relationship.
"Man, that guy is a real SNAKE IN THE GRASS... better look out for him"
by Gh0st01 November 17, 2009
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A shady, conniving person who could strike at anytime without warning. Similar to a gorilla in the mist.
Mary: "I've had enough of your insensitivity! I'm leaving!"
Larry: "Hey, quit blocking the TV!"
Larry: "So what? Oh damn, did you see that catch T.O. just made? Un-be-fucking-lievable!"
Mary: "I think I'm going to start seeing Fred, from the office. He's a real gentleman and can fulfill my needs, unlike YOU!"
Larry: "Whatever, bitch. That guy's a real snake in the grass, don't waste your time. It's halftime...get over here and hop on my johnson."
by Nick D March 4, 2005
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A person (normally male but can be female) who waits for a relationship to be over/in trouble before pouncing on one of the pair.
James breaks up with Sophie. Jacob is a snake in the grass

James mate- "dude, i heard Jacob tried it on with Sophie. you broke up with her yesterday, man"

James- "yeah, i know man, he's a complete snake in the grass".
by pinityoufairy December 20, 2010
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A Slitherin mother fucker that won't stop hiding among the blades and brush eating four leaf clovers. Usually a total nonfriend loser that is fake and snakey af. Forked tongue lookin no friends motherfucker.
Kristina eating four leaf clovers like a Snake in the Grass.
Ever since you became a Snake in the Grass you won't get of that brush.
No friend lookin forked tongue person is a total Snake in the Grass.
by Hunterclan April 6, 2016
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