A Punk Bitch is:

*Someone who is fake but try to act like they're hard.

*Someone who play phone warrior and talk hella shit over the phone but never to your face.

*A man who beat on a woman.

*A man who complains and whine about the next man.

*Someone who smiles in your face pretend yall are cool, but shitting on you behind your back.

*Someone who runs in a pack with punk bitches and never can go solo to handle their business alone when beef hit.

*Someone who talks hella shit, again trying to act hard.

*Someone who get into a fight and don't fight back.

*A snitch.

*A mothafucka who has no loyalty.

*A lying ass mothafucka lying to impress.

*Someone who let's the next mothafucka run their program.

*Someone with no manners.

*Someone who can't speak back to a stranger when the stranger said hi.

*Someone who picks and choose who to have beef with.

*Someone who takes a person kindness for weakness.

*Someone who start shit.

*A mothafucka who don't know they a punk bitch cause they a legend in their own mind, too busy acting like they're down and shit.
She was talking hella shit, but when you questioned her on it, she switched it up, man she is a punk bitch.

He act like a punk bitch always whining and complaining about the next man.

This punk bitch walked past me without saying excuse me. (this is the quickest way to get disrespected).
by Keda Baby September 5, 2010
A person that is both a punk, someone who has no future, and also a bitch, a cowardly person.
"I heard that Adam bitched out of a fight"
"Yeah and he also works at McDonalds"
"I know, what a punk bitch"
by Hawkown November 19, 2014
1. Someone who is is an asshole and whines in a very harsh inviroment.

2.Being a Punk Bitch.
Marcus: "Hey Baird, look at that Punk Bitch over there whining and bitching about Maria."

Baird: "Yeah especially since there is a huge war going on and friends and comrades are dying."

Dom: "MARIA!!!! *bitch and whines*

Cole Train: "Motherfuckin' Punk Bitch
by XxshadowDude1xX October 15, 2009
Yo Donnie, want to go hang out--

Ok dude - youre a punk bitch
by pbhatr October 6, 2010
Any person who enters into a treatment facility and gives up there program for any reason and does not participate or get along well with others.

Also any person that tells you off or yells over the phone how they really feel about you and not have the the testicular fortitude to tell you to your face.
Recovery is not for Punk Bitches, participate in your recovery or face the consequences.
by Mikkster78 October 8, 2011
He nearly cried after he lost but barely got his shit together enough to talk shit in front of the cameras. What a punk bitch.
by Hair Clown May 28, 2011