a snake is someone u cant trust on ur mothers , if u tell them to keep something a secret they will tell everyone about it, no one likes them and most of the time they get patterned
1 - yo uno sam got kicked out

2 - yh ik timothy snaked on him for banging up jack

1 - timothys such a snake man

2 - yh word
by d207 April 01, 2019
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If you see some one named Kiku he/she will be the biggest snake of all
Toni:Guys run it’s a snake!
by Heysupbebe September 07, 2018
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Summer is a snake. Don’t be going around picking lads over your best mate boo x
by _xoxoxoxox June 10, 2018
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The name of FYNX fandom. FYNX also have a song in their End of an era EP named Snakes (which is a bop). If you are a fan of FYNX congratulations you are a snake. Don’t worry all of us are very friendly and welcoming to new snakes.
Person 1: Hey have you heard of a band called FYNX?
Person 2: Of course I’m a Snake.
Person 1: What?
Person 2: Snake is a member of FYNX fandom. If you are a fan you are a snake. All fans together are called Snakes.
by SnakeMarta November 29, 2019
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Someone who is one of the most absolutely horrific people you will ever meet but hide it until you open up and trust them. They will throw a whole party and not invite you. They will make you look like the awkward one in a situation. They will stab your back until it bleeds over the place. DO NOT trust a snake. They are so rude in the end but so easy to stay "friends" with. They come in all sorts of forms as well. Theres the good ole' two faced snakes who are people who pretend to be nice and then stab you in the back two seconds later. There are the fake snakes who are just not at all who they make out to be and are actually a complete and utter bitch. There are so many species that it makes it hard to name it all but if we can all just tell the "twat faced jizz stains" to piss off then we should be okay.
Example 1: The two-faced snake
Innocent Person: Hi!
Snake: OMG Hi! You're so pretty we should hang out sometime!
*two minutes later*
Snake (to other snake bitches* She is sooooooo ugly ew ew ew ew (ect)

Example 2: The fake snake
Snake: Hey!
Innocent person: Hi!
S: We should be friends omg!
I: Ok ahah
*two months later*

S: *fake noise*

Dont trust these disgusting reptiles
via giphy
by wacky yo October 27, 2018
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