A guys nasty hook up that he hides from others but everyone knows
Yeah Wes has himself a snag, he should get himself checked out .
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To kiss or make out with someone. Sometimes meaning to have sex with.
by Tim December 13, 2004
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When someones partner is performing fellatio and they sneeze, causing the persons head to jerk downward on the mans penis, thus resulting in the person gagging.
My pub's tickled my girls nose causing her to snag on my meat pole.
by Trevino May 08, 2007
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Student Naval Aviator Groupie. Basically any young female who is after a young navy student pilot. It's the "Top Gun syndrome", looking for a meal ticket out of small town America. Hangs out at the favorite pilot bars. Always knows where the pilot parties are and always shows up, even if not invited. Usually not invited 'cause the student pilots already expect her so it's assumed she will be there anyway. Often dates several student pilots at the same time, or is passed around a lot. A regular cum dumpster. Her enemy is the wives and long-term, stable GF's of the "non-single" student pilots.
Hey Maverick. What Goose? Check out the SNAGS!
by odie 13 January 27, 2008
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Another form of the word "sex" or "intercourse". Used to describe sexual activites that a woman might do to a male.
Hey, what did you and Betsy do last night?
Answer: We parked in a cornfield, she snagged my dick, and I came all over her dashboard
by cones212 September 20, 2010
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A girl who is so ugly she can snag lightning.
" Yo, check out that chick man. She's so ugly she can snag lightning."
by yomamaishere February 02, 2010
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