when your pantyhose gets caught on something sharp or pointy, causing it to tear and run.
Her: "Damn!! another snag!! that's the second one this week!! arrrgghhh!!!"

Him: "relax, will you? it's only pantyhose. I mean, they can't be that expensive, can they?"

Her: "they are if you have to buy a new pair every fucking day!!"
by Miss Boobs November 15, 2003
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An unruly person who doesn't allow anyone else to merge into his lane of traffic.
Someone who ignores the unspoken "one and one and one and one" rule in traffic when two lanes merge together.
When this "zipper" rule is not adheared to, it causes a snag in traffic.
"That freakin' snag almost hit me!
by PagglesPoet January 21, 2010
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1.) Sensitive-New-Age-guy.
Think kakai's, denim shirts and
flower show on TLC. Can be either
straight or gay. Also referred to as a
"Stray" (see Stray Def.)
Tends to drink wine and certain imported beers.
"Honey come look what this Snag has done with his flower bed here
on "while you were out on TLC"
by Sudoplatov July 17, 2003
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One U.S. dollar. Not sure of the origin.
Hey, can I borrow a couple of snags. I'll pay you back on Friday. Or. It's 5 snags to get in, but the band is really good.
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To pilfer, take, or abscond with an item of any description. "To get" or "to take".

See also yoink and nab.
Damn I'm hon-gree! I gotsta snag me some grub, yo.
by Andrew P January 17, 2004
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anything you want it to be
him : any snags?
her : no snags here
him : snag sake
by snaggy snag August 09, 2018
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To desire something strongly and if had opportunity to have would take.
"Tom, See Jake's Pants, Yeah Snag that."
by plzkys124 June 24, 2018
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