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In swinger society, non-swingers are referred to as "swinger muggles", or "smuggles" for short.
Swinger 1: Oh my god, last night I went to the best group sex party ever!
Swinger 2: Keep your voice down, there are smuggles in this bar!
by Major Powerchord April 07, 2017
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v. To mess up in a big way.
n. A costly mistake.
adj.(Smuggler) One with a reputation for messing things up.
Dude, I smuggled that presentation yesterday. I hope they don't fire my ass for it.
Man, I knew that it was going to be quite a smuggle as soon as you started crying when the boss looked dissatisfied.
This is why I don't put smugglers like you on my team, you always find a way to mess something up.

by jolly.rancher April 19, 2008
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1) JDogs Last Name

2) A substance used to help a person control their erge to be with someone.

3) A Pill that is taken to help you to get someone off your mind when they just seem to always be there no matter what happens...helps ya cope with the feelings in your heart.

4) A type of Candy .... that melts when near warm areas...used in passionate times

5) An intense Hug that is mixed into a cuddle, but is very emotional and intense for a woman...

6) A type of Pad for woman who have made it to their time of the month.
Varrah said she needed some Smuggles.
by Jeremiah_Dodds March 31, 2007
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A word that Jeremiah may never know, because Varrah won't tell him ;)
I need some smuggles!
by Varrah September 06, 2004
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