A type of common, low quality grazing animal. Found mainly around the South of England, particularly Brighton. A smorg can be found migrating to a PC or such browser technology.
I was in Brighton last week, just so happened to see a Smorg in the town center. Nice wheels.
by Sameshoz August 25, 2007
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Someone who constantly thinks that all of the opposite gender are irresistibly drawn to them
Mordy: yo those chicks were totally checking me out
Meir: na dude were at the dmv chill

Mordy: *stares till they look back*
Meir: stop being such a smorg
by Meir113 September 14, 2016
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To make love to, or have sex with.
"Who would you rather smorg George Clooney or Brad Pitt?"
"Brad Pitt, no questions asked".
by Numpty16 November 24, 2009
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noun or verb - a feeling of intense and unprecedented passion which is beyond the classifications or descriptions of the word "love."
"Charles and I have gotten to a point in our relationship, where we use ridiculous terms for out feelings...like smorg."

"I want you to take your smorg and shove it in my smorg and smorg inside of me."
by mcparvey December 9, 2009
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(n) the part of the body between the male genitals and the belly button that grows pubic hair (usually used to describe untamed and exceedingly long pubic hair)
1. the valuptuous forest of extremely long pubic hair
2. dude i need to shave my smorge
3. george don't touch my smorge
by Pete Barra February 17, 2009
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this can be used to replace inferior words such as owned, pwned and battered
I smorged gaz on COD yesterday lols
by Tino the Rapist March 19, 2010
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crappy cafeteria food, especially from schools/universities
This is the same smorg we had last week!

The cafeteria sign says this fish is scrod. What kind of fish is a scrod? Leave it to the cafeteria people to think of such brilliant names for smorg.
by Vertigo January 12, 2004
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