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The act of sucking and blowing smoke into and out of someone’s ass with a straw or cylindrical device
ex. Cannabis in jail can be quite hard to come by. The most efficient way to get blazed in prison with your mates is by smelching. You take a puff then blow it in your mates ass, then the next mate sucks it out.

ex. Steve and Laronda were married for a long time. They were happy and comfortable until one night Steven confessed to Laronda that he had spent most of their retirement on ice. She smuggly replied, “Had you been smelching that smoke out off my ass Mothafucka, You wouldn’t have wasted all that god damn money!”
by Mr. Seventree September 06, 2018
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to steal or smuggle without being caught by the police.
I smelched the drugs into my room
by nick March 04, 2005
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