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After receiving a fine blumpkin from your partner, make them bite their teeth on the toilet rim and then stomp on the back of their head with your foot.
"Man, I tried out a smashing blumpkin with this skank last night and she lost her mind at the prospect of this innovation."
by generalgrizzle January 20, 2010
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A blumpkin of great magnitude.

Or could be yelled in state of shock, simular to saying "Holy Shit!" or "Oh, Fuck!"
Brit Accent Guy: "That blumpkin was smashing!"

Pirate: "Aye, Smashing Blumpkin i'twas sir."
by John Butz August 19, 2004
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The act of mouth humping a judy whilst taking a dookie.
I was taking a mondo poo and my boo thang was all horny like, "Me so horny, me love long time." So, I had no choice but to give her a smashing blumpkin.
by Pierre Boudreaux April 27, 2017
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When, in bed, you and a partner (male or female) 69 and simultaneously shit.
Prove your love is true by performing the Smashing Blumpkins.
by Good Writtenz February 22, 2010
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After receiving a Blumpkin (fellatio while defecating on the toilet), proceeding to place the lucky lady's head on the seat and smashing the lid on her.
I had the worst blumpkin ever. She didn't even swallow the goop. I had to make it a smashing blumpkin to remind her to take her protein next time.
by Tim Branberries January 31, 2008
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taking a shit on the floor as u receive head from a really fat disgusting girl
"I just had the ill smashing blumpkin last nite with that huge bitch"
by goats February 23, 2005
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