When someone has lived for so long in a small town that they form a sense of entitlement to themselves and act as if there isn't a relevant world outside of their town.

Someone with small-town syndrome usually is majorly concerned with gossip and events only happening with people in their town and let their life revolve around such meaningless rumors. They act as if life is high school. Parents/Adults and children all engage in cliquey behavior.

People with small-town syndrome usually don't realise they act this way, and may be insulted if pointed out.

People with small-town syndrome may have lots of trouble adjusting to life in the real world (wherever they move to out of the comfort of their family/friends also from same town)
Jeff and Jenny are all about meeting at the local café, (the only one in our town, so it is THE place to hang out and gossip), but the problem with the café is that no one seems to be able to talk about any current events in the world, they all seem to have small-town syndrome.
by vampire weekdays March 31, 2015
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Small town syndrome is when people's thoughts are limited by a mental box, the less knowledge of the outside world, the smaller the box. This often happens when people do not venture past their back door.
"how can he talk about that culture in that way, he has never even spent time with those people"

"He is suffering from small town syndrome, he does not know what is out there"
by sunflower1800 November 6, 2014
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A phenomenon that occurs in small towns with very little to do. The person feels bored and isolated and starts doing self destructive things like getting drunk, being promiscuous, and doing lots of drugs to feel a sense of excitement that they can't otherwise feel in their lives.
The internet, hobbies, and passion are cures for small town syndrome.
by axxlR August 3, 2011
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When a high school couple from a small town gets married quickly after graduation, buys a house, starts a family, and never leaves their hometown.
Person 1: Hey man did you see Jack and Melissa are engaged already?
Person 2: I did see that, they’re getting married 2 months after we graduate.

Person 1: Looks like some people are already getting bit by the small town syndrome but.
by ScringleBop June 25, 2020
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When an individual becomes infatuated with their own reputation and creates a faux following and ego around themselves. This is all undone upon the individual visiting a larger town or city, where they find themselves somewhat unknown and ignored.
Where I come from, everyone knows me.

Who the f*ck are you? Sounds like you got small-town syndrome.
by petersleeper February 28, 2011
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A condition in which small towns suffer from a lack of offerings in a number of important lifestyle categories (i.e.; stuff to do, availability of the opposite sex, etc.) and a general malaise of boredom and monotony.
God, this town is so boring! There's nothing to do--it's the worst case of small-town syndrome I've ever seen!
by szechwean December 30, 2010
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A person from a small city and goes to a big city and acts and thinks they are they shit, when in reality they aren't.
by Torontobitch April 9, 2014
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