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A sluttie is someone who follows under some or all of these behaviors.
1. They prefer certain things flat.
2. Overusing the word sluttie to describe people and/or things.
3. Uses the disabled person emoji. (♿)
4. They enjoy spicy sausages or are envious of other peoples spicy sausages.
This person is a sluttie.

"Hey slutties! Today I'm going to drink flat coke and enjoy nibbling spicy sausages and suck out all of its juices ♿."
by Lukayaba July 05, 2017
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A selfie that is purposely explicit and/or slutty, usually with a bullshit caption to attempt to justify the photo.
She posted a sluttie of her cleavage with the caption "Do you like my necklace?".
by Gavandeshaq September 05, 2016
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