To have sex with or to be screwing while having no emotional attachment to
by X rated Pix August 15, 2010
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a college slut who only gets it on with fratastic guys. generally wears designer jeans, silky tank tops, and stiletto heels.
Do her sorority sisters know how many guys that slup hooked up with at the Delt house?
by jpatt February 9, 2005
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One who does not drip. Drip eludes this individual, forever out of their grasp. Possibly someone too poor or too uneducated to understand drip.
You’re such a fuckin Slup. You don’t even know what drip means do you”
by brewer33 January 16, 2019
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a person who enjoys to camp in the eaglesham fields of scotland
ted:man im bored.

nicola:camping any one?

ted:fuck yeah!

nicola:man im a slup!
by astercast June 29, 2009
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Ayo, nigga. Look at dat bitch. She lookin like she got mad slup cummin out.
by one1uve April 29, 2009
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When you’re doing anal, and it feels like she’s super wet, but you turn the lights on and she shit on your dick.
The Brown SLup sounds bad but I’d you let it ride, you won’t be sorry
by SLup Slut May 31, 2021
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