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Pre-morning wood.
While still sleeping girlfriend notices you have an erection.
So the other night I unknowingly had sex with my girlfiend with my slumber lumber.
by kmichener June 17, 2011
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Slumber lumber is another euphemism for waking up with an erection- otherwise known as 'morning wood'.
"I woke up with some gnarly slumber lumber and I asked if I could take it to her sawmill."
by kdutremble December 09, 2009
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A more sophisticated version of morning wood. Usually when you are fully asleep, and the blood can add extra power.
Sarah: After Steve fell asleep, he got the most AMAZING slumber lumber last night.
Kiki: Wow, I wish my man, Jamal had that.

Sarah: True Story
by TheTrueStoryGuy May 08, 2014
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