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The kid in class who is unable to comprehend or learn things as fast as his peers. They are typically placed in special ed classes because the "normal" ed teachers can't put up with them.
Ed "Yo the Slow kid is over there lookin like he's gonna have a stroke"

Jake "Yeah he's always like that I don't know why he is In the regular ed class"
by A Human Male July 20, 2018
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a person who does dumb things, unknowing of its dummness
Blond: i like the one with the glitter

Girl: they all have glitter slow kid

Blond: i still like the one with the glitter
by Squillium Fancyson March 04, 2008
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Fake Jordans, usually the hood specials you get for 2 for $150 from your local neighborhood hustler.
That kids had the slow kids VIIs on because they were see-through.
by Bisi April 30, 2008
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