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someone that you can usually find hanging around in west london play-parks stealing ice-creams, drinking red-stripe and shouting at mums also known as a nonce, a jeckle and a leach.

they have a don't care about anybody or anything attitude towards society and occasionally punch their mums in the face & or sexually assault their dads.

Sloppy dog's are usually be spotted noncing in packs of "boi's" or "ringers" at local community centre's. For amusement they play knock down ginger & knock their knuckles on a hard surface to produce a beat while making clicking or humming noises with their mouths to attract kids. Beware.. They are very aggressive and enjoy fighting and touching kids!

It is easy to become a nonce, leach or jackle if you watch the moronic ways of the Sloppy dog's for to long!
#Ringer1: Oi Boi's, i think izzy's coming to the squat party tonight...

#Ringer2: Why you watching her for, shes 15 you "Sloppy dog"

#Ringer1: you cant talk, you wifed it for 3months you "Leach"

#Ringer3: You man are both "Nonces"...

#Ringer4: Oi you "jeckle" (Ringer3) i swear i see you liking her facebook pictures.

You man are all Sloppy Dogs.
by MjpChase September 15, 2014
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The most amazing head a guy could ask for..extremely satisfying and sometimes filled with saliva.

Sometimes shortened to "sloppy"
Ex: They got that sloppy dog last night and couldn't move after!

Ex: She gives that sloppy every night, especially Mondays!
by NayNay Rozay June 20, 2011
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A dog of any breed lacking in basic table manors.
Person: Bad Dog! You're not supposed to use a salad fork for your eggs...
Dog: (vigorously licks own ass)
Person: That's more like it.
by Nettled June 04, 2004
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