When you form a gun shape with your hand, wipe your butt with it, and flick the fecal matter at a coworker.
The guy next to me had to go home because he took a slingblade to the face.
by slingblader69 July 5, 2017
To annihilate someone with words or insults, a classic 'blond' for instance who doesn't get insults to terribly well. If you have read the book 'I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell' you will understand.
"Girl "You don't have to be a jerk"
Slingblade "Quite the contrary, my sloppy penile scholar.Order me another drink and be quick about it."
by Slingblader July 18, 2010
A diss. A funny way of calling someone a retard. It's a quick reference to the 1996 movie starring Billy Bob Thornton.
No wonder your phone got hacked Slingblade, your passcode is 1-2-3-4!
by Suspencex January 18, 2022
When your cock is so powerful you can swing it to cut things in half like a samurai.
I just slingbladed that table in half!
by SlingbladeSamurai April 26, 2017
Being fucked up to the point of retardation.

Refer to "Slingblade" starring Billy Bob Thornton. Retarded high.
Man, I am totally slingbladed right now!
by the pusherman March 4, 2010
One of the finest movies ever! Billy bob played one of his most tear-jearking, realistic, and well act... you know what, forget it. he played an unschooled hick, and he did it well.
I likes me some french fried potatoes, mmm hmmm.
by Columbia July 28, 2005
To cockblock one's self or friends due to crude, cynical humor that is clearly inappropriate if one is to have even the slightest hope of getting it in.
Due to his cynical view of the entire female sex, Slingblade called a group of attractive women snatch-blankets, thus preventing his friends from taking them back to their respective hotel rooms and sleeping with them.
by Carl Schiller February 22, 2011