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A grotesque principal in a rural consultancy in Cambridgeshire with an IQ inferior to aged, crusted ejaculate. Inherently racist, small minded and with a back-stabbing nature, who sends emails to clients such as 'WTF?'. Loathed by all, and inexplicably retained by his employer.
Stace: Skid(mark) was off with me today, I don't know why.

Clarice: Oh, slimer probably stabbed you in the back for no apparent reason.
by RandyRhoads84 May 14, 2020
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Slimer- Slimer is a derogatory term towards females that was birthed in the Streets Of North Philadelphia . Slimer is actually an acronym that Stands For "Sluts Looking Into Men Expecting Respect"
Shawty a Fuckin Slimer Bro.

Man ain't nobody worrying bout these Slimers.

I told you you get slimed fuckin with dem Slimers.

Once A Slimer Always A Fuckin Slimer.
by Ale' McWavy December 3, 2019
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While having sex, ask your partner if they have seen Ghost Busters. Then cum in your hand and wipe it on their face.
I was banging my girlfriend and before I came I asked if she had seen Ghost Busters... when she said no, I ejaculated into my hand and wiped it on her face while yelling Slimer
by jdub621 September 5, 2013
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A person with multiple chins and no visible neck, resembling "Slimer", the little green ghost from "Ghostbusters", the movie.
Rita McNeil is a total Slimer!!
by Guntor June 6, 2009
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A mass produced hot dog made without the use of a natural casing, a "skinless" hot dog or wiener. Percieved as lower quality. Term is mostly native to western Wisconsin
We can't serve slimers, people will kill us. They are very particular about their meat here
by Words with J September 24, 2019
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Slimer is a discord bot with fun features such as economy and per user prefix!
Slimer is a bootiful bot - Dino Nugget
by dinonaut October 10, 2020
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When you use boogers from a sneeze as lubricant for a hand job
I’ve come down with a cold so I can make you come from a slimer, big boy.
by Slimerboi69 November 4, 2021
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