Short for Muslim, this is a slang term.
1.) Those 'Slims countries are being banned from the US.

2.) Zainab is my 'Slim friend.
by PeachieJames January 29, 2017
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A guy who for some reason is always right on everything and you and everyone else feels a strange trust with him. You will tell him thing you shouldn't because he is such a loveable guy. This originates from the novel 'Of Mice and Men'
Example One
Person One: Slim you don't think Curley should get away with that do you?
'Slim': No and I'll go give Curley what he deserves myself.

Example Two
Person One: Slim, I shouldn't tell you this but I have a crush on Jessica
'Slim': Dude Jessica is a giant slut
Person One: I guess you're right
by The Plague Doctor March 28, 2015
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A term to refer to fat people and/or people who are constantly hungry.
Hey slim, quit eating all the breakfast burritos!
by Tom Thamuz September 01, 2003
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Third pixl Mario get in Super Paper Mario. With him, he's able to be nearly invisible. That's useful.
Hi! I'm Slim! I've been waiting for you for 1,500 years!
by pascalbg December 27, 2007
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