The most boring town in Louisiana filled with fake hoes.
Hi, I’m from Slidell where all we do is walk around fremaux and create fake ass rumors thinking we’re cool
by Northshorehoes July 16, 2018
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A group of hoes who think they the shit and go around sticking there tounge out when they laugh know they not the shit and go around grabbing other boys dick on the bus who have a girl friend they go around sitting in the seat with them and laugh like shit funny when knowing nothing is funny
All the dumb hoes live in slidell and think they the shit
by A girl that go to boyet November 9, 2018
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Slidell Is a suburb of Louisiana. It is right between the coast of Mississippi and New Orleans, therefore it was completely destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, due to the eye going directly over it. It is a city made up of primarily extremely rich, snobby white folks who work in New Orleans but choose not to live there because it is the ghetto. You can either live in the city limits or outside, those who live outside are about 5 minutes (or a ride over Lake Pontchartrain on the Twin Spans) from New Orleans. The city lines are quite blurred, except for the fact that there is a giant lake in between. The people of Louisiana are for the most part extremely laid back. So goes there saying, "laissez les bons temps rouler", or let the the good times roll.
"I'm from New Orleans (Slidell) and I my town is completely obliterated but, laissez les bons temps rouler."
by Charlie Thom March 8, 2007
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Sadie: What did you think of that?
Robert: Well, the ass to mouth was awesome, but next time swallow before you kiss me. I totally taste like your ass and my cum. Not cool.
Sadie: It's called a Slidel, and now you now how I feel every time you ask me to swallow you after you fuck my ass.
by Kate Charlton April 1, 2008
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Girls who walk around Fremaux thinking there cool. They think they have so many friends when in reality they all talk about each other. they fake hoes!!
“Let’s go to Fremaux.” “Do you see that ugly girl over there i hate her” *girl walks up* “omg hey bestie!!” *Slidell girls* 101
by immastealyourmanxoxo October 15, 2019
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