When you see an attractive member of the opposite sex that you would like to think about later.
I would totally put her in the Slide Show.

Shes attractive enough to make the Slide Show.
by RejectionKing January 11, 2007
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A list of attractive women that you will think about later, while whalin' one out
"Dude, 4 O'clock, Girl in the Hot Pants... Slide Show"

"Jessica Alba ... She's totally in the Slide Show"
by mwagner August 9, 2008
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Series of images in one's head when one masturbates
That Meredith, she's in my slide-show!
by mjjmgraham May 19, 2007
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In between Drunk and Black-Out drunk, all your memories seem like pictures that only highlight parts of the night, like in a Slide Show.
Man, I was Slide Show drunk last night. I remember being at the bar, the strip club, and McDonalds, but I don't remember what happened in between.
by pat700 December 7, 2009
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A classroom slideshow that educates you through fear. They all have the same narrator and use some kind named Billy as an example, something bad always happens to Billy.
Fifties slide show examples:
And thats why you should never talk to strangers. Because they all have knives. Isn't that right Billy? Billy wouldn't know. His mangled corpse is now being raped by a depraved psychopath, all because he talked to the local ice-cream man. BOO!
by Wesley Durrance September 17, 2005
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When someone incessantly shows pictures or memes on their cell phone.
Justin came in to the bar last night and slide show raped me with pictures kittens and guns.
by Annoyed@it August 18, 2013
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