Lenny: Hey James, you want to go bar hopping at 8pm today?

James: Sleights, I’m down!
by TiXz December 12, 2018
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James: Yo John, you want to go bar hopping at 8pm today?
John: Sleights bro, lets get fucked up!
by TiXz December 12, 2018
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to be tricky or quick with your hands like when magicians try to direct your attention to something else while they do their main trick
the elderly magician behind the counter still has the sleight of hand
by sirrswagg February 6, 2009
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the art of smelling a girls pussy before going down on her, without her knowing it.
after she failed the sleight of finger test,i made a hasty exit out the bathroom window.
by snatchtrapp September 1, 2008
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A perk, or perquisite, used in online multiplayer and split screen multiplayer in both Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Call of Duty: World at War. It increases the speed of reloading for all weapons in both games. It's use is widespread in Hardcore match types, however, because of the absence of additional damage (stopping power), or added health (juggernaut), it is strongly discouraged and not used in Core game modes.
Player A: Jeez this SVT reloads so quick with sleight of hand...
Player B: I know it amazing you got a zillion kill streak. Um master.. can we get some ice cream?
Player A: Yes, grasshopper... your reloading skills have improved.
by S1rMerkzAlot June 6, 2009
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/slīt fȯr prä-fət/

When an event is created/fabricated to push a country into war for the means of profiting from the war. A type of false flag event where the only thing that is false is the purpose of the war.
The entry into the war looked like a simple mistake but when every thing unfoled the mistake was nothing more than Sleight for Profit.
by Kewk January 3, 2020
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