A action that i needa get more of & a action i forgot how to use properly! i heard the avarage sleep time is from 10pm to 9am..for me its more like 9am till 10pm
by Rudemal June 11, 2017
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A beautiful, yet rare treasure. Something that the less we get the more we appreciate it, and something just when you think you've gone bare bones with, you realize how much less you can get and still somewhat function with.
In high school I thought I was functioning on minimum sleep. Years later in college and working full time I envy the amount of sleep I once got.

I don't get much sleep, but sometimes I sneeze and my eyes close, and that's basically the same thing.
by DramaticChipSinger June 19, 2017
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Not knowing a subject or not aware of something that occurred, as if you were asleep.
Kevin, you did not know tonya was a hoe, you sleep.
by ksejabb April 26, 2011
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1. When something was funny and you ain't dead, you sleep 2. When you boutta sleep on something cause you know it ain't worth your time. 3. Something you do when your tired.
1. Ha-ha im sleep
2. Mm Ima sleep
3. I needa sleep
by Angel.phillips May 03, 2016
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Sleep is what keeps you from crashing your car.
Speaking of crashing there's a tree ahead, Turn left-
1. I need Sleep!
2. Oh Noes I can't sleep!
by StarstepDontTakeNoLies September 03, 2017
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