radar of chicks that you are currently slaying or are trying to slay.
Drew: So still banging the Asian Persuasion?

Eric: No, I hung out with her a couple weeks ago, but she has been off my slaydar for a little while.
by Rico Suave and Brody Epic April 11, 2007
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In Role-playing games, a Detect Evil or similar effect used to justify murder-hobo behavior due to the target being proven evil by use of magic.
Elglar the Pure-hearted struck the dwarf down with neither hesitation nor remorse, since his slaydar had conveniently indicated an evil alignment.
by Elglar the Pure-hearted December 19, 2018
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Metalhead equivalent to gaydar where one metalhead instinctively recognizes another.
I was at this indie show and one of the guitarists on stage was playing a seven-string Ibanez, occasionally windmilled and looked uncomfortable with NOT playing fast. My slaydar went off and I talked to him after the show; my suspicions were confirmed. We wound up talking about our favorite bands.
by Karl Av-Mørket February 21, 2014
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