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A person of a Non-Slavic ethnicity becoming over obsessed with Slav culture. They try to convince others that they are Slavic by faking accents and trying to engage in Slavic activities (usually look silly doing it). An insult to real Slavs. Similar to weeaboo but with Slavs.
Slavaboo: Hello Comrade! Want to go drink vodka and squat in a public park? I am so slav.
Actual Slav: Дебил.

Slavaboo: Cyka Blyat XDDD
by Slav Memes July 26, 2017
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A guy who visited the Balkans once and thinks he is Slav. Drinks rakija once and thinks he is Croatian and starts squatting and talking with the idiot accent.
Is it cool to pretend that I am from a Slavic country even tho I am not?
No you are just a Slavaboo then!
by sibirskiplavac August 28, 2020
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A term coined on /k/. It's a play on the word weeaboo with the target being obsessed with eastern European and Warsaw pact weapons/equipment.
Guy 1: Hey comrade wanna come round to mine and play -world at war tonight?

Guy 2: Yeah sure

Guy 1: Dibs on the soviets!

Guy 2: You are such a slavaboo
by RainbowDash!6Jwen.dQLg. May 23, 2011
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A person (normally around the area of 12 to 15) who is of non Slavic origin who attempts to to appear like a slav by doing things nobody actually does in the Slavic countries. Slavaboos are normally Reddit users, fans of YouTubers like Life of Boris, and listen to ear piercing hardbass music. Nine out of ten times slavaboos are also commieboos. Slavaboos mainly abuse the sayings “sooka blyat” or “idi nahuy” to try to make an argument that others won’t get, but in the end make fools of themselves. Slavaboos also try to imitate the accents of real Slavic people, which never ends up working and just makes them look like more of an idiot. It is commonly known that some people, rather than going through emo phases, go through slavaboo phases.
(Slavaboo, probably named Kyle or Jacob and white as fuck): “CYKA BLYAT MAN!! “Wide Putin 2020. Oh would you look at that! It’s time to Rush B!!!!!!”
by Jackgyver December 17, 2020
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Someone without slavic ethnicity that suddenly goes into high liking of Slavs, what to them mostly is just drunk people who listen to rave music, drink alot of alcohol and squat for fun, Theyre most based on slavic pop culture, like raging russians playing CS:GO and low quality montages featuring mostly drunk eastern europeans doing unusual things. or are just too blind to see what slavic countries really are, usually speaking out things like "Cyka Blyat" or "Rush B" while attempting to get attention and act "funny" but it mostly comes out looking miserable, this often comes out as misunderstanding of the word "gopnik" and in every circumstance its an insult to the race itself, also watch youtubers based around the topic, like hardbass channels or such. slavaboo youtubers exist and the biggest example may be "Life Of Boris" in which the channel's owner isnt actually of slavic ethnicity.
Guy 1: Yo Comrade! Jump into Tha Lada and we Rush B!

Guy 2: Those fucking slavaboos are absolutely everywhere
by MrMikeX October 16, 2020
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A person who possesses an obsession with the lifestyle, culture and/or concept of Slav countries. Similiar to a weeaboo or koreaboo, a slavaboo is it's western European counterpart.
She's seen 20 PPPeter youtube videos and is already impersonating as a Slovak? What a slavaboo.
by Ultimate_Slavaboo June 29, 2019
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