Slavaboos are usually people from Western Europe or USA that dress and try to be "slavs" but in reality they just make themselves look like debils. For them to be a slav is just drink vodka and squat and wear Adidas.

How to detect one slavaboo in the public? Well it's easy first they wear Adidas clothes like tracksuits and shoes they will be noisy or just will be cussing in very bad russian and try to squat. And there is also a chance to find them in an airsoft field. Just look for people who are in russian military uniforms and armed with kalashinkovs.
Slavaboo friend: Hey Ivan let's go squat and drink some vodka
Actual slavic friend: Dude you will get wasted in no time also you are dumb as hell
by Uknown_Stalker March 06, 2021
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The Russian Equivalent of a Weeaboo. A person who has a fanaticism for Russian culture.
"I love how Zach always talks about Russians. It gives me a good chuckle," "Yeah, He's a real Slavaboo"
by xVizonary September 04, 2017
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A person who has a fetish for Russian military equipment and wants it for the Armed Forces of the Philippines despite the military leadership's preference for NATO standard.
1. AFP Modernization and Global Defense News is considered a Slavaboo group.
by Vladimir V. Putin December 05, 2019
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