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A person (normally around the area of 12 to 15) who is of non Slavic origin who attempts to to appear like a slav by doing things nobody actually does in the Slavic countries. Slavaboos are normally Reddit users, fans of YouTubers like Life of Boris, and listen to ear piercing hardbass music. Nine out of ten times slavaboos are also commieboos. Slavaboos mainly abuse the sayings “sooka blyat” or “idi nahuy” to try to make an argument that others won’t get, but in the end make fools of themselves. Slavaboos also try to imitate the accents of real Slavic people, which never ends up working and just makes them look like more of an idiot. It is commonly known that some people, rather than going through emo phases, go through slavaboo phases.
(Slavaboo, probably named Kyle or Jacob and white as fuck): “CYKA BLYAT MAN!! “Wide Putin 2020. Oh would you look at that! It’s time to Rush B!!!!!!”
by Jackgyver December 17, 2020

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