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A word describing a song that is neither slow nor fast, and very difficult to dance to because of its indecisive speed.
"This club sucks. They've played nothing but slast songs all night."
by MousePi September 27, 2009
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noun: Derived from the words "slow" and "past". An outadated and uptight ritual, routine or unappealing fashion that some women believe is worth the mental and physical energy for a better standard of living, but isn't, as it never contributes to anything in any useful way.
politically incorrect syn: gay
adj: slasty/
Royal Dalton figurines, sitting uncomfortably with legs crossed at the ankles and tucked to one side when wearing a skirt, pleated pants up at the waist, saying "chesterfield" when you can just say couch.

Mag: " Goodness, don't you think nursing in public is so unladylike"?
Julie: " Um, and don't you think you're being totally slasty"?

Vivien: " We should put on our lipsticks quickly before our husbands come back with the croissants".

Amy: "That's so slasty".
by jaysensi May 13, 2010
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