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A "slam donkey" is generally a woman of medium to low levels of facial beauty, but has been blessed with a body that likes to kick. She's a "work horse" in bed and there for only one reason, To take a figurative sexual beating by the male partner, and to be tossed the next day with no remorse or guilt. Shelf life on a "Slam Donkey" is 24-48 hours. After that time they become stale and start to rot. Slam Donkeys Are the middle road of the Slam trilogy. The highest ranking being the "slam pig" the middle rank being the "Slam Donkey" and the lowest rank being given the moniker "Fuck Trench". This deviation in slam nomenclature for the lowest ranking member is due to the fact that memebers of the "fuck trench" classification are the filthiest pigs you will ever encounter. Your penis will be ashamed and so will you, but it will still probabily be worth it. When speaking to a "slam donkey" the proper way to begin the conversation is to walk up to it and say, "DAM GIRL!?!?!? what you been feedin that DONKEY?!?!?" at that point the Donkey will take over. They know their role in life.
"Hey man, look at her over there!!! her face is kinda hit but look at that body!!" "oh she's got no man???" what? Im gonna make that girl my "Slam Donkey" tonight!"
by Pete hates you November 17, 2006
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