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A female who is the lowest of low in the on the slam chain, the highest being "Slam Pig" and the middle being "Slam Donkey." She has a face that seems to have been ran over with the "what-the-fuck truck" more that a few times, yet her body is banging enough to take a good fucking or six. You easily pick them up in the dark corners of the club where they lerk in packs, take them back to your place/car/parking garage/restroom, slam her once or twice then leave. No need for names or numbers. You and your dick will be ashamed, as you should be.
Ronnie: What happened to you last night? I turned around and you were gone.

Joe: I found a chick in the back corner with a body that looked like it could take a a good slamming, and she took it like a chanp right up against the bathroom wall.

Ronnie: A Hottie?

Joe: Uh.... well..... A Trench.

Ronnie: Dude. Fuck Trench?

Joe: Yeah Im going to go shower... Again.

Ronnie: Dude.....
by joeymaree January 18, 2009
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