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1. The biggest concieved tool man has created.

2. That kid that works out all the damn time. with guns tattooed on his arms and a voice that makes you want to punch infants.
"What a fucking sky crane."

"For sure. That kids a tool."
by fuck_me123456789 September 17, 2007
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Technicly refered to as the CH-54. The Skycrane gets it's name from it's unique disign. It's body shape allows it to land over a payload, pick it up, and then set it down where needed. Much like a regular crane.

It was designed by the famous helicopter pioneer Igor Sikorsky who was looking to produce a new class of heavy lift hellicopter. The CH-54 is also widly known as the Sikorsky Skycrane, either term is correct. Sadly CH-54's dispite many years of good service are facing planned obsolescence due to the lack of replacement parts.

The aircraft company Erickson bought the rights to the Skycrane in 1992 and now produce their own version, the S-64, and renamed it the Aircrane. Erickson also discontinued production of replacement parts for the CH-54. Sadly, aircraft that have flown since the 1970's are being grounded due to lack of spare parts.
The Skycrane saved million's of dollars worth of equipment in Vietnam, because nothing else could lift such heavy cargo.

The lack of deep water ports in Vietnam forced the military to use Skycranes to unload cargo ships.
by BAW January 11, 2005
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When someone is considered the biggest tool in the world!!
Look how she acts! She is such a Sky Crane!
by Colo10 January 12, 2010
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1.Largest of all tools 2. Guys who continuously think they are the man 3. Guys who wear shirts 4 sizes too small. 4. Guys who try and imitate Jersey Shore characters
Stop being such a sky crane and get a bigger shirt.
by ordinaryguy1 May 01, 2011
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Euphanism: literally, a sky crane is a guestural term indicating an extremely large piece of machinery or tooling (as in: big enough to move the sky). Logic dictates that any such machine or tool is also the largest on the planet. Therein, the biggest tool on earth.

Not to be confused with death star, which would be the largest tool in the galaxy...
That's no small moon; that's Dan Quayle.
by gecko2echo July 20, 2004
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