When your ass and bunghole get all hot and sweaty, due to heat and or activity, resulting in a vile, repugnant smell of rotten ass and skunky body stank that permeates the clothes.
Ryan has the worst skunk ass when he works out.

I can't ride in you car with no AC. I'll get skunk ass.

I couldn't pound Rachel's ass last night. I gagged on the smell of her skunk ass.
by Eaton Holgoode April 10, 2017
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The rancid smell radiating from someones dirty asshole.
I was tongue punching my missus last night and she had some serious skunk ass!
by Turks 2019 March 13, 2019
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When Rob spreads his hairy ass cheeks apart and farts in your face with his butthole glistening.
Rob's skunk ass smelled of rotten eggs.
by calven March 21, 2003
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The description of the odor given off by dank weed.
After Lindsey smoked weed in her car, she smelled like a skunk's ass.
by jeffstylist January 11, 2011
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When being drunk as a skunk is taken to the next level & can no longer describe your state of drunken shenanigans! Typically occurs during epic nights at Jake's Bar in the Dub-C. Gettin' wasted while slammin' down $1 beers and continuously & sporadically shouting out "skunk-asssssss drunk!!" to your homies. Dwayne just stands behind the bar shaking his head, adjusts his wristbands, smooths out his fu manchu, pours another beer, flips you off, tells you to go fuck yourself, grins like a son-of-a-beoootch!
Rush- "skunk-ass drunk!!!!"
Niner- "skunk-ass drunk!!!!"
Rush- "I just put $5 in the juke box! 20 throw-back jams!!"
Niner- "Fuck you Dwayne!! Gimme another highlife & a shot of Jack!!"
Rush- "skunk-asssssss drunk!!!!"
Niner- "skunk-asssssss drunk!!!!"
by rush4psu October 5, 2014
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