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An especially sallacious woman who is prone to engaging in activities typically refused by the average skank, e.g. wearing a trashbag decorated with cum while giving Jared Leto a rim job
Dood, check out the girl giving Robin Williams a handy in the car wash! What a skonk!
by skonkx7 December 10, 2010
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A slutty girl more often refered to as a "slut" with a little twist in the middle.
You don't wanna mess with that girl man, she a skonk!
by Jooleein November 18, 2008
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A variation of streaks on Snapchat. Primarily meaning a very sarcastically sexual picture.
Bob: *Sends selfie saying streaks*
Tom: *Sends selfie with a quadruple chin with the caption "Skonks"
by JoeJeff May 16, 2018
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when you smell worse than a skunk, you're a fucking skonk.
by neu January 30, 2004
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<noun> a drawn, as graffiti, penis. <verb> skonking-the act of drawing a penis as graffiti.
There is a skonk on my notebook. Someone skonked the bathroom stall.
by Josef Von Deezelburg November 01, 2006
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A very smelly (stanky) vagina. Often times the vagina is also very sweaty and leaky.
No one could stand being in the same room as Jessica because of her ripping sloppy skonk.
by Alfred J Jones February 14, 2008
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