Person 1:
Yo. Wanna go skinny dipping this sunday

Person 2: nah bro... that's gay

Person 1: no it's not bro. Its skinny dipping sunday
by Saturdaysrforthebois November 13, 2019
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Having unsafe sex with a frozen male cadaver.
Julian : I went skinny dipping in a frozen lake at the weekend.

Andre : You sick bastard.
by rureadyboots December 8, 2014
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Mid 80s porno term: While having intercourse, you pee inside of the woman and the pull out and pee on her face.
Jennie got a south dakota skinny dip from reggie.
by Casaus November 7, 2004
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Used to describe a very small and Ugly Penis
girl 1:"I saw mike naked...he's been skinny dipping with snapping turtles."

girl 2: "That small huh?"

girl 1: "yeah...I had a hard time not laughing."
by grizzlyjack July 1, 2010
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to come as you are. to release all the layers you have build, around yourself, throughout your life. to protect you from the pressures of society and culture norms.
“She skinny-dipped until she had nothing left to hide.”
by ichuffle May 24, 2022
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When you ejaculate in a girls mouth and she proceeds by gargling your balls.
“omg, Ryan is the most exciting guy i’ve ever gone skinny dipping with.”
by November 14, 2020
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What Ms. Sabrina Carpenter says we must do! To metaphorically take off all your pain and be vulnerable! Or you could actually take off your clothes and hop in water, but that’s cold. Also, I wouldn’t take every line literally because I feel like swimming on the edge of a cliff is a bit of a no-no.
“I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m afraid to tell anyone how I’m feeling.”

“Girl, get rid of it, go SKINNY DIPPING.”
“I don’t know if I’m there yet.”

“You are, young grasshopper. Best thing you’ll ever do.”
by Twizzlersenthusiast06 September 26, 2021
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