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A blister, callus, or sore you get on the tip of your index finger. Specifically from the repeated tapping, swiping and general touching that occurs while using an iPad, iPhone, or other touch screen (this includes Androids and Microsoft touch screens). Other than putting down the touch device and letting it heal on it's there is no known cure
Ouch, my finger hurts, because I have and iBlister. I really need to break my addiction to candy crush.
by grizzlyjack June 1, 2013
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Used to describe a very small and Ugly Penis
girl 1:"I saw mike naked...he's been skinny dipping with snapping turtles."

girl 2: "That small huh?"

girl 1: "yeah...I had a hard time not laughing."
by grizzlyjack July 1, 2010
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A family where a man marries a woman who already has children.
man 1: Dude, I didn't know Andy has kids.

man 2: He doesn't, it's a shake'n bake family.

man 1: For reals? No wonder those kids don't look like him.
by grizzlyjack December 25, 2010
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used to describe when a computer or game console "crashes' to a point that it is no longer usable, or only usable if the operating system is reinstalled; or in cases of game consoles repairs need to be made that are more expensive than the console is worth. The crash usually results in corruption of all files on the device, making any efforts to get them back useless.
Dude!! I think a virus gave my PC explosive datarrhea, it blue screened all over the place.


My PS3 has explosive datarrhea, I can't get updates, and now it won't even turn on.
by grizzlyjack May 22, 2010
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