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To wipe one's penis around the edge of a cup, usually containining tea, before giving it to someone one does not like.

It is a term used largely in the British Army where new recruits or private soldiers are forced to brew up for lance corporals, corporals, sergeants etc... Skiffing the tea makes the tea brewer feel better about having to make the twat some tea in the first place.

"I hope you've not skiffed that tea Jones!"

"Jones, make four brews, unskiffed!"

"Did you skiff the corporal's tea?"

"Don't drink that I've just skiffed it."
by jackm83 July 12, 2006
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running your index finger along your arse crack and wiping the residue on the top lip of your intended victim, resulting in 10-20 minutes of shitty, sweaty odour.
"Oh my god you fucker, you skiffed me, that fucking stinks"
by bincola May 01, 2006
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1.) To avoid or ignore a person.

2.) The act of purposely excluding one from a conversation, usually while the person is standing right there.
Terry: "Hey, James, did you see how sexy Rachel looked yesterday?"

Blake: "Who's Rachel?"

James: "Terry, she was looking fresh! I definitely wanna tap dat."

Blake: "Guys, who is Rachel?"

Terry: "James, you ain't going to tap that before I do!"

Blake: "Please don't skiff me...."
by Demphster January 23, 2014
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(verb) - To appear in favor of an activity until the opportunity to participate in the activity is present.
Friend: "You want to get high this weekend?"
Skiffer: "Oh hell yeah man, im down for it whenever!"
F:"Really? Ive got some right now, lets toke up!"
S:"Oh, I uhhh... have some things to do right now... And i just remembered that ill be out of town this weekend..."
F:"Come on man, you skiff out on me everytime."
S:"Hey, ill do it when im ready."
F:"Youve been saying that for the past year and a half now..."
by SpaceCowboyInTheWoods September 06, 2010
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A girl who gives BJs to teachers for good grades.
Girl 1: Ahhh, I have a D in Math.

Girl 2: What are you gonna do?

Girl 1: I'm gonna give Mr. Perkins a BJ..

Girl 2: Your such a skiff.
by kymanfan May 20, 2010
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