a great sound cloud rapper that should make XXL Freshman
Hey, have you heard that new Ski Mask The Slump God album?
by Vince.Yvng May 24, 2018
Stokeley Goulbourne also know as, Ski Mask The Slump God also called (Ski), (Ski Mask) or (The Slump God), is an amazing rapper/artist; He is commonly known to be in the same grouping with his Best Friend/Vro/Vrother/Vrethren
XXXTENTACION which is another rapper/artist/singer. Ski Mask is also commonly known for his ad-libs, ( a common one being; "AYE AYE AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE") and his amazing flow in his rap tracks/songs;


Drop like a Pizza Hut, I serve ya order
And might I just mention I just met yo' mother (boom)
Her nose is humongous, Mr. Krabs's Daughter (bitch)
She got a big head like on the fuckin' quarter (aye)
Top rope, uh (aye)
Swingin' in the pussy Rey Mysterio (swingin' in the)
619 to a pussy hoe (pussy hoe)
Bite, bite (bite, bite)
Hit it too hard she might cry, cry, eww (bitch)

SLMD REMIX (Song Above)

Ski Mask The Slump God also is apart of Members Only / Very Rare (Where VRO came along)


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Jahseh Onfroy (XXXTENTACION)- "Ski you did amazing preforming tonight"
Stokeley Goulbourne (SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD)- "Thanks Vrother"
by TRILLFISH June 22, 2017
an underrated rapper who is/was friends with XXXTENTACION.

ski is an underrated rapper so go listen to his music, you'll love it.

babywipe - ski mask the slump god
h2o - ski mask the slump god ft. xxxtentacion
catch me outside - ski mask the slump god

take a step back - ski mask the slump god ft. xxxtentacion
doihavethesause? - ski mask the slump god
coolest monkey in the jungle - ski mask the slump god
life is short - ski mask the slump god
freddy vs jason - ski mask the slump god & xxxtentacion

honestly just go search ski mask the slump god or ski mask and listen to his music.
guy 1: " you listened to ski mask's new song? "
guy 2: "yea."
guy 1: " sounded amazing. "
random person: " yo ski mask the slump god always got good music. "
by llaaccyy August 12, 2018
rapper with an amazing ass flow. best friends with the late xxxtentacion. he's underrated but is recently blowing up due to xxxtentacion and the XXL Freshman cover of 2018. he has a fat boy disease.

verse from his song BabyWipe:
how is you feeling vro
feeling like the four i feel fantastic
which would you be though
mr fantastic 'cause his money's like elastic
burberry trench raincoat
you smoke oregano
im smokin on that cat piss
ima be real you know
when i whip my dick out
she said its too big gotta map this!
Friend 1: Who you think is gonna have the best verse in this years XXL Cypher?
Friend 2: Ski Mask the Slump God for sure
Friend 1: i think J.I—
Friend 2: nigga i said ski mask!
by pxser June 25, 2018
Ski Mask The Slump God has the the 2 biggest BDE in the world .

All you have to do is look at him and you will automatically be blessed, Everyone once a piece of him because he’s hot as fuck and over all amazing
Me: Dude ski mask the slump god has such big dick energy

Person: Hell yeah he does, Every time I hear him talk I just want to bust a nut nohomo tho.
by Veryrarebratz November 2, 2019