A pretty good rapper who started out on sound cloud. He is best known for having plenty of references to cartoons like Fairly Odd Parents, Code Name Kids Next Door, and anime such as Naruto. He will often sample his beats from these shows. He also has some of the best flows you will ever hear.
Yo have you heard that new Ski Mask the Slump God song?
by Headwall October 17, 2020
The best rapper out there today, one of his most famous albums is Stokley, which you may know from TikTok which foot fungus became a popular dance. is a master in creative lyrics and shit. best friends with juice wrld and x before they sadly die (rip).hes from Florida so he goes crazy and screams lyrics like " I put my dick up in yo mom, bitch you ain't no shit .com. he also promotes bape which is a popular clothing line. he looks hella cut in his glasses and the way he ties his durag. he says wAtEr a lot towards the end of his songs.
dude: are you stoked for sin city to come out on June 25, 2021
dude2: by ski mask the slump god, no way its been awhile
dude:this shii gonna be fire
dude 2: frl
by sirskislump June 22, 2021
"Aye bro you heard that new XXXTentacion&Ski Mask The Slump God song"?
by NKai October 6, 2020