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Someone who constantly conducts in a sketchy, awkward, or down right inappropriate manner.
Wei- "Did you see drunk Matt trying to skinny dip, but tripped over his shorts and fell on his dong?"

Bert- "Yea, he's a real sketch artist."
by GeorgePatterson April 01, 2011
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One who is constantly paranoid especially while drunk or high.
(driving home after a long night of drinking)

Caroline: oh my God I heard a siren you're getting pulled over!!!!

James: That was my cell phone beeping you fucking sketch artist!
by Erin May 07, 2004
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A person that has mastered the art of using his/her friends to their benefit by means of sketchy pratices IE lying or slander. Typically will even resort to turning people against each other to continue living off of said person.
Ryan - Dude!! That girl has no job or motivation she's using you for your apartment and food... Tell her ass to get a job !!

Ed - You're totally right man, what was I thinking... She's such a sketch artist !!
by Master Whoa October 19, 2012
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