To become scared or paranoid about a certain thing.
by EssPea January 17, 2005
The period after leaving an after-hours club when one generally hangs out with other sketchy people while coming down off of club drugs (ecstasy, speed, etc).
Last night after the club I had a great sketch out over at Dave's place. He threw on some music and we played Playstation until we passed out.
by Adam Hawkins July 8, 2006
freaked out, especially when under the influence of a drug
"joel was getting all sketched out cause he thought his mom was going to know he's been smoking"
by lauren August 31, 2003
Having a bad trip from a drug, normally hallucinogenic such as LSD or Cannabis
I took a hit from the bong, five minutes later I was sketching out hardcore.
by Shardz12345 July 21, 2010
"I've never been so sketched out." -- Brooklyn coffee-bar clerk, recounting his reaction to the earthquake of August 2011.
by BrooklynBomber August 25, 2011
how you feel when all the hard drugs are cashed for the night
When the yay was cashed I started to get all sketched out.
by Nose April 10, 2003
To make things awkward see sketch, sketchy
Sketched out.
Dude, you sketched her/him out.
I just sketched myself out.
by maggie leigh September 10, 2006