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That rare creature who bills herself as "that rare creature, the skeptic who is both female and desirable", on whom the irony of promoting herself as a drunken slut with a nerd fetish and then complaining about being sexualized when offered coffee by a nerd is lost. Believes she's everyone's cup of tea, and has something to say besides, extraordinary evidence of her inability to apply the critical thinking skills she claims for herself to herself. Last person you ever want to get stuck in an elevator with. Trust me.
"I am a hot chick who gets drunk and hits on nerds," said Skepchick. "Do you know how uncomfortable it makes me when people sexualize me that way?
by Elevator Guy July 20, 2011
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1) Noun: A blogger at

2) Adj: A feminist who is a member of the skeptical community, or chooses scientific explanations over supernatural explanations.
1) Elyse is a skepchick.
2) Jen is a skepchick because she thinks the cat knocked over vase, rather than a ghost.
by Cethis August 16, 2009
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As of August 17th, 2009, Skepchick consists of sixteen women and one man who write about science, skepticism, and pseudoscience. The group uses intelligence, curiosity, and occasional snark to tackle diverse topics from astrology to psychics. Their official website can be found at

This group of bloggers comprises the official Skepchick. There are also hundreds, if not thousands of unofficial skepchicks and skepdudes who read these articles and think in a similar fashion. These men and women use their brains to examine things with critical thinking in a skeptical (NOT cynical) fashion. As with any group, it is comprised of both good and bad people. It is the methodology of their thinking which defines them, not their character.
skepdude,skeptic,blogger,critical thinker,skepchick,Skepchick
by sadock August 17, 2009
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A skepchick is that rare creature, the skeptic who is both female and desirable. She is generally quite popular, usually due to her appealingly large intellect, her quick wit, or just her ability to stand everyday interaction with skeptical men.
Careful dude, she's a skepchick. Whatever you do, don't say "what's your sign?"
by blahs4me August 16, 2009
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How an androgynous female, typically of thin and tall build, lacking a self-organizing purpose in life, or afflicted by a sexual fetish for male intelligence, expresses her sexuality. Skepchicks are commonly encountered as prosecutors in U.S court rooms, where they can lash-out and imperil hapless men in a socially acceptable way, while others frequent the administrations of public schools and halls of university labs, donning shallow concessions to femininity.
Song Of The Skepchick: "I don't believe your cock is 12" long because it's statistically unlikely; nor am I going to accept it at face-value because it's emotionally satisfying; show me the evidence.."
by JM June 23, 2006
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