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Moderately short patch hair growing over the bottom portion of a person's back. (Slang).
As he grew older, the skeeth on Jay's back became more dominant.
by Hanthonyhunter January 01, 2012
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Some one who scabs at the dump. One who scabs off his friends constantly.
That Skeeth bludged me for $20. He is such a Skeeth
by JonMonaro January 09, 2010
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Oh come on baby, I didn't mean to skeeth you out, I just wanted to try something new!

Man, 2 girls 1 cup skeethed me out so much, I threw up in my mouth, spit it up, then the dog ate it.

These gunts & fupas are skeething me to the point where I'm gonna need at least 2 more shots of everclear to even consider hitting any of that!
by jax718 August 25, 2011
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